Block of the Month

Each month from January through September members participate in the guild Block of the Month project. Quilters are asked to make two blocks each month - one is for themselves and one is for donation to Community Quilts. The finished quilts are shown at the October meeting of the guild. The theme for 2020 is In The Garden; patterns are available at guild meetings or as a download (below).

Block of the Month

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Thumbnail Title Size Description
PDF file icon April 2020.pdf 2,068.06 KB In the Garden Hummingbird
PDF file icon August2020.pdf 2,362.23 KB In The Garden Birdhouse
PDF file icon February 2020.pdf 1,932.36 KB In The Garden Tulips
PDF file icon January 2020.pdf 1,730.77 KB In The Garden Bee
PDF file icon July 2020 2,411.89 KB In The Garden Columbine
PDF file icon June 2020.pdf 2,674.73 KB In The Garden Cactus
PDF file icon March 2020.pdf 517.24 KB In the Garden Sunflower
PDF file icon May 2020 BOM.pdf 2,152.35 KB In The Garden Daffodils
PDF file icon September 2020.pdf 2,141.26 KB In The Garden Mushroom