National Teacher

Twice a year the Carson Valley Quilt Guild hosts a nationally known quilt educator for a weekend workshop and a lecture at the following Monday night meeting.  Class fees are quite reasonable for both members and non-members of the guild. It’s a unique opportunity to learn new quilting techniques from experts, enhance skills, and share the love of quilting and creating.  The workshops and lectures are open to guild members and the public when space is available.  We’d love for you to join us!

September - 2019

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Paula Reid will be teaching "Borders and Bindings" on Saturday, Sept. 21 and "Feather Frenzy" on Sunday, Sept. 22.  Her lecture on Monday is TBD. View her projects and download her supply lists?

April 2019

Dancing Diamonds Art Quilt

diamond-img.pngStudents discovered that the Dancing Diamonds pattern is fun, easy and it broadens sewing skills.

Dancing Diamonds Workshop Supply List

Class Project Images


Easiest Curves Ever

orange-img.pngStudents learned to sew curves that don’t fight you, that don’t move or distort, don’t require pins and that can be chain sewn. 

Orange Blossom Workshop Supply List