Block of the Month

Each month from January through September members participate in the guild Block of the Month project. Quilters are asked to make two blocks each month - one is for themselves and one is for donation to Community Quilts. 

2022 Block of the Month

This year’s block of the month is a study in piecing and color.  The blocks are 10-inch blocks from Electric Quilt 5 and were used by a quilt shop in Sacramento in 2005. There are 12 blocks in the set.  Nine blocks will be presented January through September and the other three blocks will be offered throughout the year.  You can use 9 or 12 blocks in your quilt.  It is your choice but don’t forget to make an extra block for community quilts.

In making the samples, we discovered some helpful tips.  By using a focus fabric and a consistent background fabric, it tied the blocks together.  Select 5 or 6 coordinating fabrics to provide color and interest, matching them to the focus fabric. We suggest ¾ yard each of focus and background fabric.  This amount is plenty.  If you want to use the focus fabric for your borders, you will need another two yards.  Fabric needed for the coordinating fabrics can be scraps or a fat quarter.  As the blocks were being built, all the finished blocks were put on the design wall to make sure the colors worked together. When printing pattern templates be sure to select "Print Actual Size" of the pdfs.

The block patterns will be available on the Carson Valley Quilt Guild website as well as at the monthly meeting. At each meeting, a sample block, cut out but not sewn will be at the back table.  The sample block will be used to suggest stitching sequence in putting the block together. We have had fun putting the blocks together and hope you will too!  We are looking forward to the reveals at the November meeting.

Block of the Month

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Thumbnail Title Size Description
PDF file icon March Pattern Templates .pdf 52.46 KB
PDF file icon August Templates.pdf 81.86 KB
PDF file icon March B.O.M_1.pdf 83.25 KB Cross Ties
PDF file icon June Templates.pdf 100.12 KB
PDF file icon February B.O.M.pdf 178.10 KB Fan
PDF file icon BOM June Square.pdf 178.92 KB
PDF file icon BOM June Spinning Top.pdf 198.57 KB
PDF file icon May BOM.pdf 208.11 KB Navajo Star
PDF file icon February Templates.pdf 217.31 KB
PDF file icon BOM August.pdf 258.64 KB Flower
PDF file icon Sept BOM.pdf 459.89 KB Christmas Star
PDF file icon March B.O.M_2.pdf 475.84 KB Rail Fence
PDF file icon Sept BOM 2 .pdf 769.27 KB Maple Leaf
PDF file icon July B.O.M.pdf 824.35 KB Firecracker Kaboom
PDF file icon April B.O.M.pdf 1,249.29 KB Birds In The Corner
PDF file icon January B.O.M.pdf 2,473.03 KB Road to 2022





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